Our Artists and Staff

Meet our team of talented artists and designers! You will be matched with the artist whose style best matches your design needs to ensure a perfect end result.


Carrie is the owner and founder of The Letter Boutique, which originated in May of 2003. She went to Clemson University and has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has always had a love for children, so this job in helping to decorate their rooms is perfect for her! She is a customer care specialist while handling administrative duties, management, sales and customer relations.


Hello everyone!! My name is Krysten and I hail from a long line of extremely talented and professional artisans. I am so proud to have gotten a small touch of their gifts, and love to assist others in creating colorful, timeless and genuinely heartfelt solutions to their homes, for their children and loved ones! I have a deep passion and love for recreating the classic works of children's literature and art: the Beatrix Potter short stories, Winnie the Pooh and even Dr. Suess to name a few, and apart from being a career stay at home mommy of two beautiful babies, it is by far my favorite thing to do! I build an artistic relationship with each piece I create, and I hope you can feel that magic when you receive work from me!!


Deloris has been an artist with The Letter Boutique since 2011. She specializes in all areas of painting, such as realistic themes, character themes, western, sports, ocean themes, etc. for girls or boys rooms. She has been painting for over 35 years.


Jackie has been married for 23 years and has four children who keep her very busy. She has been a part time artist for The Letter Boutique since 2009. She always enjoy seeing a finished product that she has done. Some of her specialties are flower designs, stripes and polka dots. She also loves creating animal designs, as they are a fun challenge.


Jamie is first and foremost a mother of two beautiful children. She has been an artist her whole life but her talent has grown substantially working with The Letter Boutique. Leaving her hometown was a very big change for her as well as her children. She chose to paint for The Letter Boutique so she would be able to stay home with them and not miss out on any school or activity functions. Her areas of expertise includes custom design, girlie designs, sports, dots and stripes, nautical, fun and funky, jungle animals as well as many others. She is very meticulous and pays close attention to details making her designs spot on!


Kelsie is 21 years old. She is a full time nanny as well as an employee of The Letter Boutique. She has packed and shipped for three years as needed. She has started painting this year"


Kim has been painting for The Letter Boutique since 2007. She has also been a muralist for 20 years! Working for this business has allowed her to stay at home, something she thanks God for everyday. She is the mother of four of the most wonderful people in the entire world and considers it a huge blessing to be able to be at her "office" (a table in the kitchen) if they need anything. She loves the variety of choices in the letters and is always painting something new. She loves animal patterns and most any patterns that require shading. Her daughters are her best critics and enjoy helping. Its makes her smile to know the artwork we create will be a lifelong keepsake. She loves what she does and hopes to continue to do it for many years.


Lindee is a freelance artist, art teacher, singer, wife and mother of four teenagers!


Lisa is a mom of a beautiful, talented little girl! She has always enjoyed painting and crafting from a young age. She really enjoys art and being a stay at home mom. Working at home and to do something she truly enjoys was an opportunity that she just couldn't pass up! Her daughter does competition dance and has a crazy schedule, so this job allows her the freedom to be at dance and school functions. She loves to paint girly themes, dots/stripes, animal prints, and nautical themes. She loves the creative process involved and the personal touches as well. She finds it to be a great creative outlet!


Lois is an artist who has been with The Letter Boutique since January of 2008. She really enjoys painting girly themes! Her specialties also include ladybugs, flowers, cheerful and sweet patterns for little princesses!


Marla has been an artist with The Letter Boutique since 2009. In May of 2011, she bought a CNC Router and in October of 2011, she began cutting the letters for The Letter Boutique. She is also cutting and painting the trashcans, growth charts, bow holders, bookends, etc. "If you can imagine it, I can cut it."


Megan has worked for The Letter Boutique since 2009. She enjoys painting flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, animals, dots/stripes, and classic/moderns. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, making crafts, and being outdoors.


Patricia has been an artist with The Letter Boutique since May of 2003. Her specialties include toile painting, realistic imagery, vintage florals, and fabric reproductions


Paula has been working for The Letter Boutique since 2007. She was formerly an accountant and is a Grandmother of 9. She gets great pleasure in helping each customer decorate each child’s nursery or room. She finds it very relaxing and enjoyable to be able to create and complete the wonderful products we sell. She truly loves the bold colors and patterns we create as well as the flowers, gardens and butterflies that come in a lot of the samples. She hopes to continue to work for The Letter Boutique for many years and looks forward to helping you create your little one's room!


Sandy joined The Letter Boutique in 2011. Her expertise includes modern and fun themes, animals, and bright colors. "I just love creating something so special for your special someone."


Sharon is a preschool teacher by day and an artist in the evenings and at heart. She has been an artist for The Letter Boutique since September 2011. Her areas of expertise include sports, jungle animals, butterflies and flower themes.


Sherry is a freelance web designer who joined The Letter Boutique in 2013. She specializes in web content management, web and graphic design, writing and editing. She is a mom of two young children that keep her on her toes!

Other Artists

Bios coming soon for our artists: Jennifer, Erin, Stacy, Leanne and Brandy!

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